Workers Compensation for Repetitive Trauma

Despite popular theory, many work injuries do not happen in an instant; they occur over time. Many employees are subject to ongoing tasks that cause eventual wear-and-tear overtime, referred to as “repetitive trauma injuries”. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that repetitive trauma injuries have become the most filed workers compensation claim. The main reason why repetitive trauma is difficult to prove in a claim is because most workers compensation claims must be filed immediately after the injury occurred, which isn’t possible if the trauma occurs over time. A great workers compensation attorney and substantial medical evidence of your repetitive trauma will increase your odds of getting the workers compensation benefits that you deserve.

Some workplace actions generally associated with repetitive trauma injuries include construction, desk jobs that require excessive typing, large-scale painting, warehouse operation, health care, operating heavy machinery, and manual labor in a factory setting. Of course, there are many other careers that involve repetitive motion other than those mentioned. Jobs that involve lifting, pushing, pulling, or any type of stressful movement on a regular basis are notorious for causing repetitive trauma.

There are many different aspects to consider about your repetitive stress injury. For example, will the injury be temporary or permanent? Do you need surgery? If so, how much do you need from workers compensation benefits? With the help of a workers compensation lawyer, you can accurately answer these questions and more as you file a claim.