Workers Compensation for Migrant Workers

While workers compensation laws vary from state to state, the unfortunate truth is that the U.S. tends to overlook migrant workers and seasonal farmworkers. Many of them work in the agricultural industry, which is notoriously dangerous for workers. Some states don’t even enforce the need for workers compensation in the agricultural industry, enabling migrant workers to work with little to no coverage. If the business offers workers compensation, you may seek benefits for medical costs, lost wages, and various other needs.

Some reasons that agricultural employees will skip out on workers compensation insurance for their migrant workers include an increasing habit of states restricting benefits for undocumented workers, the fear of employer protest or retaliation against a claim, and the difficulty of taking off enough time from work to recover completely. Many migrant workers fear termination due to illness or injury, but the Workers Compensation Act specifically protects them against being fired for such reasons. Unfortunately, this is a little-known fact amongst the migrant worker community.

Where workers compensation for migrant workers is valid, employers are not allowed to intimidate or retaliate against a migrant worker simply for filing a claim. Despite this fact, migrant workers continuously face obstacles when they face injury or illness at the workplace. A great workers compensation lawyer will protect your rights to file a claim an increase your odds of receiving the benefits you need.