Am I eligible for workers compensation coverage?

To be eligible for coverage, the company you work for must have workers compensation insurance. You are covered from the very first day on the job if you are full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary, a family member employee, undocumented, paid in cash, or not paid at all. If you are a business owner, most states require that you provide yourself with workers compensation coverage unless you are self-employed. The Department of Industrial Accidents is equipped with the Workers Compensation Trust Fund to cover you if your employer doesn’t have workers compensation insurance.

Workers compensation covers insured business owners and their employees for workplace injuries and illnesses or impairments acquired while on the job. In addition, spouses and dependents of workplace injury victims may also receive benefits if the victim passed away due to the injury or illness.

Keep in mind that you do not qualify for benefits if your workplace injury, illness or impairment was a result of your own “serious and willful misconduct”. However, you will receive double benefits if it was caused by your employer’s “serious and willful misconduct”. The best way to determine your eligibility for workers compensation coverage is through a consultation with an experienced workers compensation attorney.